Ultimate Guide to Dru Point Park Margate

Dru Point Bicentennial Park is a spacious park in Margate. It’s an ideal spot for families, dog owners, and those seeking a group picnic spot, to come and relax in this beautiful place while taking a short walk around.

Here in the article, we have provided you with a comprehensive review of Dru Point Park, including details on its location, available facilities, and even more. With the help of all this information, you can easily decide whether it’s worth a visit or not.

Dru Point Park Margate Location

Dru Point Park is located about 22 kilometers from Hobart in Margate. Reaching Dru Point Park is quite straightforward.

To reach Dru Park easily, follow these directions: Take the Channel Highway towards Margate and make a right turn onto Beach Road, right before Banjos. Follow Beach Road until you reach the waterfront, then make a left turn onto the Esplanade. Continue along the Esplanade, and you’ll soon arrive at Dru Park.

Address: Dru Park, Esplanade, Margate, Tasmania, Australia.

Directions to Reach Dru Point Park, Margate

  1. Head south on the Channel Highway towards Margate.
  2. Turn right onto Beach Road, just before Banjos.
  3. Follow Beach Road until you reach the waterfront.
  4. Make a left turn onto the Esplanade.
  5. Continue on the Esplanade until you arrive at Dru Park.

This route is a straightforward journey to Dru Park, and the journey offers a lot of scenic views of nature that you can enjoy. There is plenty of parking space in the park so you don’t need to worry about the parking space.

Dru Point Park Facilities

Play Area

Just right next to the car parking, you will find the fenced Dru Point Playground. The play area offers various fun activities that are suitable for kids of different age groups. The presence of trees and a lot of swings makes it an enjoyable place for kids.

Additionally, there is a designated area resembling a traffic school where children can have fun with bikes and scooters.

Pets Area

Dru Point is a fantastic location for dog owners because it has a dedicated park, especially for dogs. It’s a fully fenced area that spans about one hectare in size, with a lot of grassland and light bush.

It is equipped with four gates, most of which have dog bins and bags where you can dispose of your pet waste. This dedicated dog park is an excellent space for dogs where they can freely explore and have a bit of freedom.

Other Activities

The best thing about the Dru Point Margate is that it has an array of activities beyond traditional playground fun. You can do a lot of other recreational activities besides just swinging on the swings and playing with the equipment.

Being located on a point, Dru Point Park offers ample water views making it a perfect place to relax. I love throwing rocks, interacting with ducks, and soaking in the serene surroundings whenever I visit the Park.

Another highlight(I like the most) is the StoryWalk, where you follow a path while reading the tale of Tazzy, the Tasmanian native hen. Each panel unveils more of the story and suggests engaging activities to do until you reach the next one.

This proved to be an excellent way to lure the kids away from the playground, encouraging exploration with an element of fun. Additionally, there are charming spots like the Missing Persons Garden where you can catch your breath, if you are tired of walking.

Dru Point Park also has excellent amenities, like group huts, tables, BBQs, and toilets which anyone can use. All this makes it an ideal spot for a casual picnic or a larger gathering.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Dru Point Park is a place that has something for everyone, it doesn’t matter what their age is. The park has everything that you can imagine from a playground for kids,a lot of swings, a special pet area, and the StoryWalk. All this makes it a perfect spot for kids to play and have fun.

Final Thoughts: Dru Point Bicentennial Park

There is no doubt that Dru Point Bicentennial Park Margate is truly wonderful to visit and explore. If we are locals, I suggest you visit it multiple times a week. If you are a tourist and staying near Margate then I will recommend you visit it at least once.

The park has so many recreational activities which means you won’t bored and always have something to do. If you are visiting it with your kids, then the Storywalk will make sure that are stretching out their legs and having a good.

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