13 Best Things To Do in George Town, Tasmania

Things To Do in George Town, Tasmania

Are you planning to visit George Town, Tasmania and want to know about the best things to do there? If so then here we have shared more than 13 Best Things to Do in George Town, Tasmania.

George Town is a large town that is located on the eastern bank of the Tamar River, in the north-east of Tasmania. The place has many old buildings and museums that still stand as a historic landmark of the Town.

George Town in Tasmania is a lovely place where you can enjoy so many recreational activities like cruising the river, spotting dolphins, and exploring beautiful beaches.

Things To Do in George Town, Tasmania

Walk Over the Batman Bridge

Batman Bridge

The Batman Bridge was constructed back in the 1960s and earned the title of the world’s first cable-stayed truss bridge laid across the Tamar River. Below the bridge, there’s a great picnic area where you can relax and have some fun. It’s also a great spot to enjoy the Tamar River view and the marvelous beauty of the bridge.

So whenever you are planning to explore George Town, Tasmania don’t forget to add it to your bucket list.

Hike the Majestic Leven Canyon

Majestic Leven Canyon

Looking for an amazing adventure trip, then head out to explore the stunning beauty of Leven Canyon. The place has been formed by ancient glacial forces and it has many beautiful natural wonders like flowing waterfalls, towering rock formations, and ancient forests that you can’t take your eyes off them.

Besides that, you can also track some trails on the Leven Canyon which are sure to give a refreshing experience.

Explore The Watchhouse

Image of Street

Visiting the Watchhouse is a great way to begin your exploration of George Town, Tasmania. The staff working there is very helpful and they also provide a map so that you can explore the town on your own. With so much of history, the town has many old buildings and cells that you can explore and see how the people used to be at that time.

There are many art exhibitions on display and they keep on changing regularly. The buildings there have been reused for many purposes over the years like a jail, arts center, doctor’s office, council chambers, and even a hardware shop.

Back in 1821, there used to be a George Town Female Factory, but nothing of it has been left today. It closed in 1834, and the new one opened in Launceston.

Dive into the History at Tamar Valley Museum

Tamar Valley Museum

Interested in knowing about the Town’s history, the Tamar Valley Museum is a perfect place for this purpose. The place has many stories of native inhabitants, convict laborers, and maritime pioneers who make this part of Tasmania. The Museum has a collection of historical things and various displays that tell you a lot about the Town’s cultural rich history.

Walk on Heritage Trail

People exploring the Heritage Trail

It’s a self-guided trail from the old watch house to the town making it an ideal spot for bikers and hikers. Down the path, there is a Thelmara Cottage which was constructed around 1860, and now it’s a privately owned property. Established in 1839, Whitestones initially used to serve as a tavern but later on it transformed into a private school, and now it’s a private residence.

Tour the Low Head Pilot Station Maritime Museum

Low Head Pilot Station Maritime Museum

It’s a museum, located in the 1835 Pilots Row which was built by convicts, The place has 13 rooms that are completely filled with various maritime historical artifacts and exhibits. It’s a great spot to get to have a fascinating glimpse into maritime history and learn about it in more detail.

As you arrive at the place, the staff working there will give notes that are quite helpful in knowing about the Town’s history and these notes also tell you a bit about each room. The walls of the museum have so many things on display showcasing the rich history of the Town.

One of the rooms also has a Morse code machine and it’s not as easy to use as it seems to be. In the Low Head Room, you can see a lot of interesting things like old shackles, old diving suits, and stories of the people who lived or visited there.

The best thing about the museum is that the pilot station is still operational today, and has been consistently guiding ships since 1805.

Scout the Low Head Lighthouse

Low Head Lighthouse

The Low Head Lighthouse located in George Town is the third-ever Lighthouse built in Australia. With a height of 19 meters and an elevation of 43 meters, the lighthouse is a perfect spot to have a panoramic view of the Tamar River and sea coastline.

Despite being 136 years old, it remains operational, and fully automated still serving its purpose. The Lighthouse has a unique foghorn Chance Bros ‘Type G’ diaphone and is the only one still working in the Southern Hemisphere. People love hearing the sound of it every Sunday at noon.

You can also check out a copy of the old semaphore mast used for sending messages between Low Head and Launceston until 1858. There is also a super rare Gardner kerosene engine on display, showcasing the cool history of the place.

Check out Windmill Point & East Beach Carvings

Windmill Point is a family-friendly area where you can enjoy a barbecue with your friends and family. The cool things about this place is its wooden ship and pine tree carvings, which were carefully crafted by Eddie Freeman.

Using a chainsaw and chisel, Freeman has perfectly depicted George Town’s maritime history, including the hauling of the submarine cable ashore, whales, and penguins, all with impressive detail and vibrant colors.

So, if you want to have a small barbecue with your loved ones then it’s a great place to do so.

Have Some Selfies with Painted Water Tower

Painted Water Tower

The water tower, which supplies water to the people’s homes got a colorful makeover in 1985. Unemployed young minds have showcased their skills and painted it as a project, where they have illustrated a lighthouse, trading ships, birds, and people doing sports.

Now, it’s another popular tourist attraction in the Town and everyone loves to click some photographs here.

Watch Penguins on a Tour


Explore the Low Head Coastal Reserve to watch the cute blue penguins. With the Low Head Penguin Tours, you can get close to these little creatures safely without interrupting them. In the evening, a guide takes you on a short walk to a platform beside the beach.

The guide will tell you some interesting things about the penguins, who are just 30 meters tall. The price of the tour is around $25 (AUD) and you get a lot of information about these little creatures.

So, grab your camera and get ready for some great pictures of penguins waddling from the sea back to their nests!

Explore the Bass & Flinders Centre

Want to Know about the town’s history, the Bass & Flinders Centre has displays of wooden boats, which include a Huon pine replica of the 1798 sloop Norfolk. The boat helped explorers check if Tasmania was an island or not back in the 1700’s.

Elizabeth is another great boat in the collection which is basically a replica of the whaleboat used by James Kelly, and the Tom Thumb rowing boat brought by George Bass. There’s even a banana boat surfboard with its own cool history. All these make it an awesome place to learn more about Tasmania’s past!

Have a Delicious Meal at Paterson Monument 

When you are in a seaside town, you want to try some delicious seafood. Luckily we find a great spot by the river near the Paterson Memorial Monument. The monument is a historic landmark where Colonel William Paterson and his crew first landed in 1804.

There are tables and chairs perfectly placed to enjoy the beautiful views of the sea. Be aware of the seagulls as they are always ready to steal your food.

Hike a Scenic Trail

The Kanamaluka Trail is a 6-kilometer-long trail from George Town to Low Head. The trail has tons of scenic coastal views, historic buildings, and nature reserves along the way. Hiking the whole trail takes about 4 hours, while cycling speeds up the journey to around 2 hours. For convenience Bikes and maps are available for rent at the Visitor Information Centre on 92-96 Main Rd in George Town.

Once you reach the Low Head, you can enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving in the Low Head Water. Not to mention, as per National Geographic, the area is among the top 5 diving spots in the whole world.

Why is George Town, Tasmania famous?

Being the third-oldest European settlement in Australia (founded in 1804), George Town has a very rich history that predates most other Australian towns. Situated just beside the Tamar River George Town is a perfect place for cruises, kayaking, and wildlife spotting, like dolphins and seals.

The Town is also popular for its award-winning wineries and local cafes & restaurants provide delicious fresh seafood, gourmet delights, and Tasmanian coffee, which you can’t hold yourself from trying them. Plus, the people and shop owners in the Town are super welcoming and will help you in every possible manner.

Is George Town Tasmania Worth Visiting?

Yes, George Town, Tasmania is worth visiting if you are getting bored of the noisy city life. The town has many colonial buildings and museums that offer a fascinating glimpse into Tasmania’s past. 

The Tamar Valley is perfect for gazing at scenic landscapes and wildlife while beaches like Low Head and the Leven Canyon are so stunning that you can’t take your eyes off such magnificent creations of Mother Nature.

But if you are a person who craves bustling city life and nightlife parties then George Town, Tasmania is not a good place for you.

Final Thoughts: Things To Do in George Town, Tasmania

Without any second thought, George Town, Tasmania is an amazing place to explore and spend some quality time alone. Leven Canyon, Tamay Valley Museum, Pilot Station Maritime Museum Bass & Flinders Centre are some of the major tourist destinations of the Town.

Spending a week off in the Town is a perfect way to get a break from your everyday life and get refreshed to start again with a positive vibe. So, pack your bags, reach George Town, Tasmania, and have some fun.

Have a Safe Journey!

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