Ultimate Guide to Low Head Tasmania: Things To Do, Accommodation & More

Low Head Tasmania: Things To Do, Accommodation & More

Low Head is a beautiful coastal village located in the Northern Tasmania. The Town is known for its stunning view of the surrounding ocean and natural scenery. The Low Head Lighthouse & Foghorn, the Pilot Station, and the Maritime Museum are the most popular tourist attractions in the Town making it worth adding to your itinerary. With a population of around 619 residents, the village is perfect for soaking in the vibes of a calm and refreshing environment.

Located along the Tamar River, the town is home to many safe beaches, allowing visitors to enjoy many water recreational activities like kayaking, canoeing, scuba diving, windsurfing, swimming, and a lot more.

If you are planning to explore Launceston Tasmania, add Low Head to your itinerary as it’s only a 40-minute drive from Launceston.

In this article, we have discussed everything that you need to know before visiting Low Head Tasmania. We covered everything from Weather, Things To Do, accommodation, and how to get to Low Head.

Low Head Weather

Low Head has decent weather throughout the year but mostly it depends on the time you are visiting the town. During the summertime, typically from late December till May, you can expect to have warm weather which is perfect for water activities.

SeasonAverage Temperature
Summer21 C
Winter13 C
Autumn19 C
Spring16 C

For more details and accurate information consider visiting the official website of Bureau of Meteorology AU.

Things To Do in Low Head Tasmania

Explore the Old Lighthouse

The Low Head Lighthouse is the third-oldest operational lighthouse in Australia. It’s the second lighthouse in Tasmania which was established back in 1833. Before the lighthouse was constructed, fire methods were used to keep the sailing sheep connected to the harbor.

Locating on the edge of Low Head Road, about 7 km north of George Town, It’s a great spot to explore and watch the local wildlife.

You can also go on the penguin tour, which allows you to see the working(operation) of the lighthouse at night time.

Address: Low Head Historic Site, 496 Low Head Rd, Low Head TAS 7253, Australia

Go For Low Head Fishing

Located along the Tamar River, Low Head, and George Town are two of the well-known spots for fishing and water activities. These are excellent spots for salmon fishing opportunities, especially for those seeking to catch large blackback salmon. If you are lucky enough then you can catch salmons weighing more than 3 kilos.

Besides salmon, you can also expect to catch the snotty trevally, silver trevally, mackerel, and even the rarest gummy shark which is quite hard to catch at the Low Head.

Mile Reef is another great spot to catch squids while being in Low Head. Located just a 15-minute drive to the east of Low Head Lighthouse, the place is perfect for catching salmon fish, and squids.

Tour the Low Head Pilot Station & Maritime Museum

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Low Head Pilot Station is the oldest Australian Pilot Station which was established back in 1805. The station was built to avoid any major collision or sinking of the ships.

At the Maritime Museum, visitors can learn a lot about the history of Low Head Pilot Station. It also showcases rare artifacts and old maritime instruments like the ship’s helm, telegraphs, and fog horn. Children are allowed to operate the old Morse Code machine and can learn how it used to work (be careful if you have a naughty kid).

The museum has more than 13 rooms, each one with a unique theme and a lot of information for the visitors. It’s truly an amazing place to visit & explore with friends and family.

Address: 411 Low Head Rd, Low Head TAS 7253, Australia

Go For Penguin Tours

This is the best thing that you need to do if you’re planning to explore Low Head Tasmania. The Low Head Penguin Tour allows you to get a closer experience of these cute little Penguins as they return to their home at dusk after a day at sea.

The tour begins when the sun sets and all the Little Blue Penguins swim toward the surface, stand up, and waddle to their home. It’s truly an unforgettable moment to see all those little penguins waddle on the beach and also a great way to learn more about the little blue penguins.

The tour lasts up to an hour during the time no one is allowed within the area so that visitors can have a wonderful experience without any disturbance.

If you are traveling with your kids, then you can’t afford to miss this amazing fun activity. I can bet you won’t be disappointed after having the tour.

Address: 485 Low Head Rd, Low Head TAS 7253, Australia

Explore George Town

Located on the eastern bank of the Tamar River, George Town is another beautiful place that’s worth visiting. It’s known for its old buildings & museums that still stand as a landmark showcasing the true history of the Town

One thing is for sure, you can’t be bored in George Town as it has a lot of things to do from discovering the local art galleries and enjoying the fresh seafood, to going for an outdoor adventure at the scenic Tamar Valley.

Stroll on the Beach

East Low Head Beach is a popular tourist attraction, especially for wave surfers. The waves are usually high enough allowing surfers to enjoy their time while being in water.

Keep in mind, that rip currents can be dangerous at low tide, so for a safer swimming experience consider going to the western end of Low Head during the high tide. You can easily reach there as it has a connecting road, a car parking facility, and a caravan(trailer) site.

It’s a beautiful picturesque beach with a lot of pebbles so you need to be careful while walking over them. You can also watch the Low Head Lighthouse while strolling on the beach.

Relax at Lagoon Bay Beach

Lagoon Bay Beach is another great place that’s worth exploring while being the Low Head Town. The beach is a bit rocky and windy but its clean and calm environment makes it a great place for swimming and sunbathing.

It’s a peaceful sandy beach that remains less crowded even during the peak season, making it a must-visit place to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Hike the Kanamaluka Trail

Located just opposite Low Head Tourist Park, Kanamaluka Trail is a must-visit place for every tourist. It’s a 6 km long trail that begins from George Town to Low Head, covering almost all the tourist attractions of the town including Windmill Point, York Cove, and a lot more.

You can expect to find everything from old historic sites, museums, and popular tourist attractions all along the route(trail). Visitors can also go for a scenic hike along the trail or they can enjoy some recreational activity at the Low Head Tourist Park.

However, if you wish to bike the trail from then you can contact the local Visitor Information Centre and the staff will make suitable arrangements for you.

Address: George Town TAS 7253, Australia

Tour the George Town Watch House

Located just 3 miles away from Low Head, George Town Watch House is a wonderful place to know how life used to be in the 19th century. The house displaces a miniature model village that allows visitors to have a look at ‘how life used to be in the early 19th century in George Town’.

The place has also a replica of an ancient jail which visitors can enter and see how difficult life was for the prisoners while awaiting trial at the jail. For history buffs, there is also a Community History Room from there they can delve deep into the regional history and know more about the place in detail.

Address: George Town Watch House, 84-86 Macquarie St, George Town TAS 7253, Australia

Low Head Tasmania Accommodation

Being a small town, Low Head has a very limited accommodation place which means you can’t really have a wide range of choices. Still, we will be discussing some of the places to stay in Low Head Tasmania.

Low Head Tourist Park

Low Head Tourist Park is an affordable place to stay, making it a perfect option for budget travelers. All the rooms have air conditioning as well as heating for the winter. Plus facilities like free Wi-Fi, a Kid’s playground, and Barbeque are also available for the guests.

The place has accommodations for every person whether you are a couple, a solo traveler, or a nomad. You can go with the powered & unpowered sites for camping and they also provide a kitchen with a sink, oven, microwave, and fridge to make the camping experience more memorable.

Water View Cottage is the Best Rated Accommodation at the Low Head Tourist Park where they provide spacious queen-sized bedrooms with small balconies, a dining area, a kitchen, a lounge, a washroom, and a lot more.

While the place is perfect to stay still you have to make your food on your own. It doesn’t have any cafe or restaurant however you can visit the nearby Pilot Station Cafe and enjoy a delicious meal there.

Low Head Pilot Station

Low Head Pilot Station is truly a historic and important landmark of the Town. It offers 9 self-contained cottages to stay where guests can enjoy the wonderful view of the Bass Straits.

The cottages are more of a queen bedroom that has all the modern amenities like air conditioning, heating, free Wifi, a Kitchen, private bathrooms, single sofa beds, and a lot more.

You can also explore the nearby heritage museum, lighthouse, and penguin colonies. For those interested drink, they can check out the Tamar Valley wine to try out some samples of local wines and delicacies.

Don’t forget to have a cozy dinner at the Pilot Station, as it’s a perfect cafe that is known for serving delicious meals to its visitors. The cafe location makes it more special as it provides the best scenic view of the Tamar River and the Low Head Beach while you enjoy your food.

East Beach Tourist Park

With more than 22 acres of camping ground, the East Beach Tourist Park is a haven for Campers. It’s a great place to forget about everything and have a carefree vacation with your friends and family.

It offers beautiful beachfront cabins that provide mesmerizing views of the ocean and sandy beach. Visitors can explore the shoreline, watch the sunset, light a campfire, and have fun watching the stars at night.

Being located on a popular scuba diving spot, it’s one of the best accommodations that Low Head Tasmania has to offer.

The Low Head Beach House

The Low Head Beach House is an ultra-luxurious hotel to stay in Low Head Tasmania. It provides all the modern amenities to the visitors so they can have the best experience while staying at the Low Head beach house.

It offers 3 King Size Bedroom with an outdoor dining area where visitors can stay. Besides that, you can also book the venue for special occasions like birthday parties or wedding anniversaries. To let you, on average a night stay(single) at The Low Head Beach House will cost you around $1000.(AUD)

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