15 Best Things To Do in Penguin, Tasmania

Things to do in Penguin Tasmania

Are you planning to visit Penguin, Tasmania and want to know about the best things to do there? If so then here we have shared more than 15 Best Things to Do in Penguin, Tasmania.

Penguin is a small friendly town, located in the north-west of Bass Highway, between Burnie and Ulverstone town. Penguin’s history began in 1861, back when the timber industry was flourishing in the Town.

It played an important role in the late 1850s as hundreds of timber-carrying ships used to cross the Bass Strait. The town got its name from the botanist Ronald Campbell Gunn when he saw a large number of Penguins along the Coast.

Things To Do in Penguin, Tasmania

Watch Penguins in the Wild

Penguins strolling on the Beach

The Penguin Parade Point is a must-visit place for anyone who wants to explore the Town. You will be mesmerized to witness how hundreds of cute little penguins come back to shore at dusk after spending the day at sea.

It’s a magical experience that makes your visit to Penguin, Tasmania even more special. I am sure you will remember these cute little penguins by the sea for a long time!

Explore the Penguin Discovery Centre

Penguin at Discovery Centre

The Penguin Discovery Centre is a great place if you want to know about the Little Penguins like how they live, where they make their homes, and the problems they face. The center also has a display where you can learn about penguins’ nests, how they talk, and how they live in the ocean.

The friendly staff of the Center will also tell you a lot about the penguins and why it’s important to look after nature. The Discovery Centre also demonstrates other sea animals that share the penguins’ home.

Enjoy a Boat Tour

Cute girl enjoying boat tour

See the coastline and wildlife from a different perspective on a boat tour. Keep an eye out for dolphins, seals, and whales.

Taking a boat tour when you’re in Penguin is really a cool way to see the coastline and different animals like dolphins, seals, and even whales! The whole experience feels taking a boat tour feels like having a front-row seat to see them(animals) in their natural home.

Visit the Giant Penguin

“Big Penguin” also known as Giant Penguin is a friendly 10-foot (3.1m) penguin statue that has been there since 1975, making him a true legend of the Town. Not to mention, It is a famous photo shoot spot for everyone who visits the Town.

The Statue also dresses up for special occasions like wearing a pink costume on breast cancer day to spread awareness about it and during December it changes its outfit to match the Christmas vibe.

Pay a Visit to Penguins Library

Penguins Library

If you really want to read and know about the Penguins then just need to grab a book from the TARDIS booth which is a free exchange library. It’s a tiny booth from the outside, but when you open it, it’s a magical world of books. You can bring a book to leave here and take a new one to read.

Besides that people do love to take a lot of pictures with the booth as a memory of their trip to Penguin, Tasmania.

Explore the Wings Wildlife Park


The Wings Wildlife Park is home to a variety of native and exotic animals. Upon visiting you can see many native animals like Tasmanian devils, wombats, and koalas – they all are super fascinating to watch.

The park is like a small zoo, but more personal and close. It’s a great place to learn about different animals and maybe even make some new animal friends(just kidding).

If you love wildlife and looking for a place to spend a day, then Wings Wildlife Park is a perfect place for you. It would not be wrong to say that it’s “a real animal paradise in Penguin”

Explore the Local Shops

image of a local store

Penguin, Tasmania has a variety of shops where street vendors sell all kinds of cool stuff like local souvenirs, crafts, and fresh produce foods. If you want to have a souvenir from Penguin Town that reminds you of your visit then this is a perfect place to buy it.

Not to mention, you can also buy rare artifacts to decorate as well as a memory to keep in your home. Besides all that, people in the shops are friendly and always happy to help you.

Go for a Swim or Surf

person enjoying water surfing in sea

This is one of the best things to do in Penguin, the beaches at Penguin, Tasmania are perfect to have some fun with water activities like swimming, surfing, and even bodyboarding! All these activities make it a great place to relax and escape the noisy life of cities.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an expert swimmer, a surf enthusiast, or just looking for some fun in the water, Penguin’s beaches have something for everyone.

Explore Penguin Uniting Church

Penguin Uniting Church

Located in the charming coastal town of Penguin, Tasmania, stands a place of worship and a historic landmark, the Penguin Uniting Church. It is also a famous tourist attraction in the town as it has been a peaceful space for prayer, singing, and other events since 1903.

Stroll around the Penguin Market

Person strolling in Penguin Market

Penguin Market is one of the largest undercover markets in Tasmania. Every Sunday, more than 100 stalls pop up and sell a mix of old and new stuff. Here you can have everything from clothes, household goods, pottery, vegetables, fruits, junk foods, and even a tarot reader where you can know your future(kidding).

The market also has various food Cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious meal while enjoying free entertainment.

Scout the Penguin Beer Co.

Penguin Beer Co.

If you enjoy drinks then Penguin Beer Co. is a must-visit place for you. The place is known for serving local and international beers which in turn makes it a favorite place for locals as well as tourists!

It’s a great spot to relax and chill with the amazing view of the ocean. The place also has many live music concerts adding a more fun vibe to the atmosphere. Not to mention, the Penguin Beer Co. has been crowned as champions at fancy beer competitions.

Hike the Penguin Heritage Trail

women hiking the Penguin Heritage Trail

The best way to track the Penguin Heritage Trail is by downloading the Cyaontheroad app. Upon scanning the app allows you to listen to Penguins’ 1.5-hour self-guided audio book for absolutely free.

They have a free 3km tour that takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the amazing hike while listening to the free audiobook. The whole tour covers 27 cool things, like parks, a cemetery, old homes, and buildings, exploring it feels like a guided treasure hunt to discover something new.

Stroll in the Perry Ling Gardens

Perry Ling Gardens

It’s such a beautiful place where on both sides of the railway tracks all sorts of pretty flowers like acacias, pigface, daisies, and geraniums are planted. They all look really beautiful when you drive from Penguin to Ulverstone along the old coast road.

The garden even changes with the seasons, during the spring it transforms and becomes a walking heaven. So, if you’re driving from Penguin to Ulverstone, make sure to stop by(if you have time) and have a short walk in the garden.

Is Penguin Tasmania Worth Visiting?

Giant Penguin in Penguin, Tasmania

Yes, Penguin Tasmania is totally worth visiting. The Town has so many awesome places to visit & explore and also has many recreational activities that you can do and have fun. Penguin, Tasmania is also popular to have the smallest penguin species in the world.

The whole town is based on the Penguin theme which makes it a unique place to visit. Besides all that, the Penguin market on Sundays has over 200 stalls showcasing Tasmanian crafts, food, and wine which makes it an ideal spot if want to buy some souvenirs as a memory of the trip.

What is Penguin Tasmania Known For?

Penguin Tasmania

Penguin, Tasmania is a beautiful small town located on the north-west of Bass Highway, between Burnie and Ulverstone town. The town is popular for its cute little penguins, beautiful Seaside View, and long-dated history. In fact, the town has the smallest species of Penguins in the world.

If you are visiting the Town, in the warmer months from November to March, you can watch these adorable penguins come back from the sea at the Penguin Point viewing platform. There is also a 3-meter tall concrete penguin statue in the town center, which is a popular photography place for visitors as well as locals.

The Undercover Penguin Market is also a hidden gem in the town where every Sunday there is a fare of more than 200 street vendors selling different locally produced products. The market is a great place if want to have some decorating stuff for your home.

Can You See Penguins at Penguin Tasmania?

Penguin in  Tasmania, Australia

Yes, you can see penguins at Penguin, Tasmania. The town itself is named after the Little Penguins, and it is also popular for having the world’s smallest penguin species, standing at just around 40 centimeters tall. The town doesn’t have a significant penguin colony, but there are a few locations in Tasmania where you can observe penguins in their natural habitat.

One such location where you can watch these little penguins is via Bicheno Penguin Tours. They offer guided tours to see Little Penguins as they(penguins) return to their nests after dusk. Besides that, the Bruny Island Neck Game Reserve and other coastal areas in Tasmania are also known for their penguin colonies.

Final Thoughts: Things To Do in Penguin, Tasmania

Penguin Tasmania is a beautiful town to explore and spend your weekend off. The place has many popular tourist attractions like Giant Penguin, Penguin Library, Undercover Market, Hiscutt Park, and a lot more.

You can also enjoy a few recreational water activities on the beach side like swimming, surfing and also bodysurfing. To be True, If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy some time in nature then “Penguin, Tasmania” is a perfect place for you.

So, pack your bags and head for a drive to escape the noisy city and enjoy some quality time.

Have a Safe Journey!

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