12 Best Things To Do in Ross, Tasmania

Things To Do in Ross, Tasmania

Are you planning to visit Ross Tasmania and want to know about the best things to do there? If so then here we have shared more than 10 Best Things to Do in Ross Tasmania.

Ross is a village located in the Central Highlands of Tasmania, Australia. The place was founded back in 1827 and was quite popular for its convict-built sandstone buildings, and architecture including the Ross Bridge which is one of the oldest bridges in Tasmania.

Ross also has many beautiful gardens, like the Ross Town Park and the Bellevue Estate, which makes the town a popular tourist destination. Besides that, Ross is known for its scenic beauty, historic buildings, and relaxed atmosphere which in turn attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Things To Do in Ross, Tasmania

Explore the Convict-Built Streets

Convict-Built Streets

The best way to explore the Ross is by walking down the main street while feeling the vibe of the Town. The buildings built with sandstone back in the late 1800s are still standing strong and serve as historic landmarks of the town.

As you walk down the main street you will feel like you are heading back in time to discover some hidden secrets. If you have a little bit of interest in history then it’s a great place to visit.

Walk Over the Ross Bridge

side view of the Ross Bridge

Ross Bridge is the most popular Tourist attraction in the Town. You will be surprised to know that it was built back in 1822 over the Macquarie River and till now it holds the title of “oldest bridge in Tasmania” that is operational.

At that time, it was the only bridge that had a three-span bridge over the Macquarie River. The thing that makes it unique from other bridges is that it has carvings of around 186 different types of animals, birds, insects, and plants.

The bridge is truly a masterpiece, showing that even 200 ago practical things, like bridges, could be turned into something amazing form of Art.

Explore the Ross Town Park

Ross Town Park

Ross Town Park is a beautiful haven nestled in the heart of Tasmania’s Central Highlands. It’s a perfect place to relax and spend some time in Nature. It’s also a great spot to have a picnic with your friends and family if you have kids.

Grab Some Chocolates from Little Lolly Shop

Little Lolly Shop

Do you have any affection for Chocolates and Lollipops? If so, then you can’t afford to miss “The Little Lolly Shop”. It’s a cute little shop with a lot of imported and locally made sweets & lollies. Believe me, you won’t regret your decision to visit the shop.

On top of that, the price of the sweets (Chocolates and Lollipops) are quite affordable which makes it a perfect dessert(in a way) to try it out.

Scout the Ross Village Bakery

Ross Village Bakery

If you are an anime fan then this one is a must-visit place for you. People often call it the “Kiki bakery” because it looks like the exact one in the animated film Kiki’s Delivery Service from 1989.

The Bakery has been operational since 1860 and uses traditional ovens to make more than 300 loaves of bread at once. Not to mention, the breads that come out of it are super delicious! The whole experience of the Bakery feels like stepping into a bit of history with a touch of anime magic to make it more special.

Explore the Tasmanian Wool Center

Tasmanian Wool Center

Want to know more about Tasmania Wool, and how it is made from start to finish, then you need to visit the Tasmanian Wool Center. Here, you will learn everything about the rich history of wool in Tasmania and how they are prepared from scratch. The best part about the Wool Center is that they allow you to check out a collection of amazing woolen products.

Back in the old days, Ross was a big area for raising sheep. All over the world, people used to love the high-quality merino wool especially produced from the Ross, Tasmania.

So, if you’re curious about the history of Tasmanian wool or just want to learn some new things, then the Tasmanian Wool Centre is a great place to begin with.

Take a Look at Ross Female Factory

Ross Female Factory

Looking to have a weird experience then head straight toward the Ross Female Factory. It’s a prison built especially for the women who were convicts of some serious charges. It’s a perfect place to know what life was like for these women who faced challenging times as convicts in prison.

The place was originally built to accommodate 200 inmates and their children, but only the Assistant Superintendent’s Quarters is all that remains. Now. it has been repurposed to showcase the history of the area.

Visit the Ross Uniting Church

Ross Uniting Church is truly a historic masterpiece that was built back in 1849. The church is made of convict-cut sandstone which showcases how people used to build their homes at that time.

The interior of the church is also worth exploring, with its timber pews, pulpit, and baptismal font. The Ross Uniting Church is a testament to the craftsmanship and also a beautiful example of colonial Georgian architecture.

Seek Adventure in the Wilderness


Not just the Town, but the surroundings of it are also very beautiful and scenic. There are so many trails that you hike and know more about the town in detail. You can also try fly fishing in the Macquarie River or watch some spot native wildlife in the Tasmanian wilderness.

So, if you’re into outdoor adventures and want to experience the natural wonders, then believe me Ross has it all for you.

Discover the Local Art and Crafts

 Local Art and Crafts

Looking for a Place to Buy some old artifacts and souvenirs then the local market of Ross, Tasmania is a perfect place for you. This is the perfect way to appreciate artworks made by local talents and support them financially. Take a piece of Ross’s creativity with you and it will serve as a little reminder of the special place that you discovered while you were in Ross Tasmania.

Explore the Four Corners of Ross

Four Corners of Ross Tasmania

The town’s central crossroads is known as the Four Corners of Ross. One corner represents Temptation which is basically a hotel that was built back in 1831. Another corner represents salvation through the Roman Catholic church. Initially, this church was a store, then a residence, and a bakery, but in 1920, it underwent renovation and was established as a church.

The third corner represents damnation, through the jail and now transformed into a private residence. The fourth and final corner represents recreation, through the town hall. The place was constructed in the 1830s, there it used to serve as a hub of town entertainment and now it is a Council Chambers.

Have a Picnic at the Ross Common 

Buch of people enjoying Picnic

Lastly, what can be more exciting than enjoying a relaxing picnic lunch in the Ross Common, a large park located in the center of town? Pick up some of the delicious local produce from the Ross Farmers Market and enjoy it with your friends and family at Ross Common.

The Ross Common is also a great place for families to spend some quality time with Mother Nature. The Park has plenty of space where kids can play around on the grassy fields, while the adults can relax and enjoy the fresh air and scenic beauty of nature.

Is Ross Worth Visiting in Tasmania?

Absolutely Yes! Ross, Tasmania is definitely worth visiting if you’re looking to explore a charming, beautiful historic town with a friendly atmosphere. The Town has a lot of places to explore and enjoy the creation of mother nature.

The Town has many well-preserved buildings made of sandstone in the 1800s, making the place a historic landmark. Ross Bridge is not only the popular tourist attraction in the Town but it’s the oldest operational bridge in Tasmania.

Besides that Ross Town Park is a great place to have a picnic with your family and relax in nature while being away from the noisy city life. Ross. Tasmania is a must-visit place as it has some of the finest historic buildings and bridges along with so many awesome places to explore and have fun.

Final Thoughts: Things To Do in Ross, Tasmania

Ross, Tasmania is no doubt a beautiful Town to visit and explore. The town has so many great places to explore and a lot of recreational activities that you can do for fun. Some of the popular tourist attractions that are totally worth visiting are Ross Bridge, Tasmania Wool Center, Ross Female Factory, and a lot more.

Ross, Tasmania is a perfect place for anyone who wants to take an escape from their city life and spend some quality time with their loved ones in Nature. So, Hurry Up! pack your bags and head towards the Ross, Tasmania.

Have a Safe Journey!

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