Southport Tasmania: Things To Do, Accommodation & More

Southport is a small coastal town in the Southern part of Tasmania. It’s known for its clean beaches and relaxed atmosphere which make it a perfect place to visit during the summer break.

However, the town rarely gets included in the list of places to explore in Tasmania, but it’s such a pretty town with its own unique history. Located around 91 miles from Hobart, it’s one of the southernmost towns in Australia.

With a population of 149 people, the town is home to many water recreation activities including fishing, boating, kayaking, and birdwatching.

Back in time, the town used to be the center of timber & whaling industries, now it has transformed into a major tourist destination that attracts thousands of local and international tourists.

In this article, we have covered everything from Things to do, Where to Stay, and Camping guide that you need to know before visiting Southport Tasmania.

Southport Tasmania Weather

Southport Tasmania has a typically oceanic climate. It remains around 20 degrees Celsius during summer and goes below up to 5-7 degrees Celsius during the winter time.

SeasonsAverage Temperature
Summers  20°C (68°F)
Winters5-7°C (41-45°F)
Spring & Fall15-18°C (59-64°F)

Southport Tasmania History

Southport Tasmania was originally inhabited by the Nuenonne Aboriginal people, who used to live in the region for thousands of years. In the 1830s, the first European settlers arrived and began using the area as a whaling station, where they used to process whale blubber and export its oil.

In 1840, the town of Southport was officially established. After that, it changed into a timber port, with sawmills and shipyards, and used to export local timber products. Agricultural activities and livestock grazing were the most important part of the local economy.

During the mid-20th century, the town experienced a major decline in its timber and agricultural industries which ultimately caused the collapse of both industries.

Things To Do in Southport Tasmania

Explore Hasting Caves

Located about a 10-minute drive from Southport, it’s a great place to explore the 40 million years old dolomite cave system of Australia.

Usually, most of the caves are made up of Limestone, but Hasting is made of dolomite and that’s what makes it an interesting and unique place to explore.

Visitors can book a guided tour of the cave and have information but how the cave was formed. Make sure you have a phone or torch as lumination inside the cave is limited. Put on warm clothes for the tour as the temperature drops significantly as you enter the cave.

To avoid any inconvenience, we highly recommend you book the tickets in advance and reach the spot a bit early.

Tour the Cockle Creek

Cockle Creek is a beautiful natural gateway that’s about a 20 km drive to the south of Southport Tasmania. Once, the town used to be home to thousands of residents but now it’s just a campground and an isolated scenic destination for tourists. It’s a known spot for fishing, snorkeling, and camping.

You have to drive about 12 miles on the dirt road, but upon reaching the destination you will be amazed by the spectacular view of nature.

Explore Another Mystery Creek Cave

Located in the Tasmanian Southwest National Park, Mystery Creek Cave is another great destination worth exploring. It’s a 4 km long well-marked track that’s relatively easy to hike even if you are with your family.

Along the track, you can spot the old remnants of Tasmania’s mining history, The track goes right beside the abandoned train track that used to transport the mineral(limestone) from a large quarry into the forest.

You will also come across the old tin cups, bottles of whisky & wines from the 1800-era, and tramway car wheels lying in the surroundings, reminding you of the human activities that vanished a long time ago from the area.

Upon arriving at the cave, you can watch the popular ‘Glowworms’ which emit blue light. However, it’s not advised to explore the cave on your own because the weather can change and bring unpredicted heavy rains which can cause flash flooding in the cave.

Rainy weather can cause the track to be slippery and muddy, so make sure you have comfortable footwear.

Stroll Around Southport Beach

Located right beside Kingfish Beach Road, Southport Beach is a perfect place to relax and connect to the natural environment. With a mile of coastline, it provides panoramic views of the rugged coastal cliffs around the beach.

If you are lucky enough then you might spot whale breaching or blowing in the distance, as it’s a prime spot for whale watching in the town.

Try Fishing

Being a coastal town, it’s a popular fishing spot for tourists as well as locals. You can expect to catch the salmon, calamari, flathead, and cod if you are good at fishing. You do require a boat to go further into the sea to truly enjoy the experience of fishing.

Going over with a kayak is also a good option but keep in mind that high tides might tilt your kayak over, so keep this thing in mind.

Southern Lights

Aurora Borealis aka Nothern Lights is one of the most magical experiences that people can have while looking at the sky at night. But Southport Tasmania also has a rare phenomenon, that’s called ‘Southern Lights’.

These lights can mostly be visible between Apil to late September and are truly as remarkable as the northern lights. The town is an excellent place to witness this beautiful phenomenon as there’s no land between the town and Antarctica. 

Despite its lesser popularity, the activity is worth adding to your itinerary.

Check Out Roaring Beach

Roaring Beach is a hidden gem in Tasmania which is known for its clear blue water and white sandy beach. It’s also a great surfing spot in the town, as it receives waves averaging around 1 meter making it a perfect place to have fun in water.

Keep in mind, that if you are not a good swimmer then avoid going in the deep water as the beach doesn’t have any lifeguard on duty.

Go for Fossicking

Lune River is one of the most popular spots for fossicking in Tasmania. However, there is no surety that you will find some valuables but if you are lucky enough then you might find something good.

Upon visiting the place, we tried our best to find something valuable but we were not that lucky. The area has remnants of the old digging making it an interesting place to explore if you are travelling with kids.

However, if you want to buy some rare gemstones as a souvenir then head out to the ‘Lunaris Gemstones’ shop on Lune River as it has tons of rare gemstones collection.

Visit the Hastings Thermal Springs

If you are looking for a fun activity in Southport Tasmania, then Hastings Thermal Springs won’t disappoint you. It’s a naturally heated water pool, located near the visitor center of the Hasting Caves.

With a naturally heated to around 28°C/ 82°F, it’s a great place to relax and chill out with your friends. It also has BBQ facilities and outdoor picnic tables where you can cook your food and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Tour the Southport Lagoon Conservation Area

Southport Lagoon is a large shallow expanse of water that’s known for its rich maritime history. Located about 45 minutes south of Southport, it’s a perfect place to learn about marine diversity and birdlife.

Visitors can engage in a wide variety of recreational activities, including boating, fishing, camping, bird watching, and kayaking.

Located near a camping ground, it’s also a popular camping spot but visitors(campers) are required to bring their own water, a fuel stove, Trash bags, and firewood.

Southport Tasmania Accommodation

Without any doubt, Southport Tasmania is a great place to take a break and spend some quality time with your family. It’s a small town, so don’t expect any big hotels or fancy holiday units.

Most of the accommodations in Southport are holiday home rentals which are owned and operated by locals.

The Shack

It’s a peaceful accommodation to stay while exploring Southport Tasmania. It offers 3 bedrooms which come in 2 double rooms and 1 room with bunk beds. The shack also offers a BBQ area, woodfire heater, free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV with cable channels, and a fully equipped kitchen.

Address: 118 Kingfish Beach Rd, Southport TAS 7109, Australia

Southport Hotel & Caravan Park

Southport Hotel is a family-friendly hotel, along with its 12 acres of Caravan Park the place is a haven for campers. It offers a wide range of accommodations including self-contained units, cabins, and powered & unpowered camping sites.

Additionally, the park also has a kitchen and laundry facilities for the people who are staying in the camps.

The Southport Hotel is Australia’s most Southern Pub and its restaurant remains open for lunch and dinner daily. The place also has a general store and a gas station so pick up foods, snacks, drinks, grocery, and fill up your tank before heading out to explore what more Southport has to offer.

Address: 8777 Huon Hwy, Southport TAS 7109, Australia

Summertime Cottage

Located just a minute away from Southport Beach, the Summertime cottage provides cozy accommodation to stay. The cottage offers 3 bedrooms with all the amenities like a woodfire heater, free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV, and a DVD library.

The rooms are quite spacious and come with a kitchen where guests can cook their own food.

Southport Tasmania Camping

If you want to camp while exploring the town, then you can go ahead with the Southport caravan park Tasmania. It’s a 12-acre Caravan Park that offers both powered and unpowered camping sites at an affordable fee.

If you want to stay at a free camping site then the Southport Lagoon Campground is really a good option, as it offers around 10 campsites with all the basic facilities. Keep in mind, that to access the location you need to have a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

How to get to Southport from Hobart?

Southport is around 56 miles from Hobart, which takes around 2 hours to complete the journey. You can either go with your own car or rent one as the area has limited public transportation that operates on a timely basis.

It’s a drive-through experience of scenic apple orchards towns like Kingston, Huonville, Franklin, Geeveston, and Dove – that’s the reason why Tasmania is called “Apple Isle”.

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