10 Best Things To Do in Deloraine, Tasmania

Are you planning to visit Deloraine, Tasmania and want to know about the best things to do there? If so then here we have shared more than 12 Best Things to Do in Deloraine, Tasmania.

Deloraine is a small pretty town in the central northern region of Tasmania and is located just beside the Meander River.  It’s about 50 km west of Launceston and about 52 km south of Devonport along the Bass Highway.

Deloraine Tasmania has many old buildings that used to house convicts but now these are converted into cafes, shops, and comfy B&Bs.

Things To Do in Deloraine, Tasmania

Walk Around the River

Strolling around the Meander River is the best way to enjoy the scenic and mesmerizing views of Mother Nature. The local clubs of the town have come together to make a loop path along the River which is perfect for a short walk around. At the end of the loop, there are bridges so that you can easily go to both sides of the river.

Many parks in the town have their own stories like Rotary Park, also called Floodlight Park, has an interesting back story. Back in the 1940s, during a flood, a horse was having a baby, and both of them were in danger. The family of the owner used their car headlights to help save the horse and the baby. They named the baby horse Floodlight, and the park got its name from him.

Tour the Statue Walk

By the river, on the main street, there are interesting statues with their own special stories. One of them is called “Constellation” made by Trevor and Sue Rodwell. It has six big concrete balls that show the lively spirit of Deloraine. Each ball has words from old stories about the local area carved into it, and one ball even has a modern message, connecting the past and the present.

If you want a nice place to sit, there’s a statue made by Tony Woodward called the Mountain Man or Man Mountain Mosaic. This statue represents the myths of the Great Western Tiers area and its people. It’s a perfect spot to relax and gaze at this masterpiece of art.

Enjoy a Delicious Meal at Deloraine Deli

Looking for a place to have some delicious food, if so then, head to the Deloraine Deli on the main street. They serve yummy meals, and you can also buy some fantastic local goodies from Wholeheartedly Tasmania.

It would not be wrong to say, it’s not just a place to eat; it’s a great spot to explore local flavors and enjoy a tasty meal. So, when you’re in town, don’t miss out on the delicious treats at the Deloraine Deli!

Step Back in Time at Deloraine & Districts Folk Museum

Want to know about the past of Deloraine, then head out straight to the Deloraine & Districts Folk Museum which is the oldest building in town. The place has many exhibitions that display many old things and tell a lot about the area that was settled by early Europeans.

The whole experience is like taking a journey back in time to understand how Deloraine used to be. Lastly, don’t forget to check out this amazing museum, if you are planning to visit the town it will help you a lot to learn more about the town’s history.

Take a Look at old Victorian and Georgian Buildings

Deloraine has a long history back to the 1820s when Captain Roland first explored the area. It was officially settled in the 1830s, and there are more than 25 historic buildings still standing as historic landmarks from that time. These buildings serve various purposes like galleries, craft shops, antique shops, coffee shops, hotels, or bed and breakfasts.

Explore the Deloraine Museum

At the top of the main street, you’ll find a small yet well-researched museum housed in the old Deloraine Inn which was built back in the 1850s. Each room has been carefully recreated to capture the essence of different spaces in the pub and house from that era. The museum has all the information about local characters, snarees, and trappers.

I found something amazing here: the Roses from the Heart art project. Dr. Christina Henri started this project to make bonnets for the 25,566 women sent to Australia as convicts. Now, people from all around the world help add to this special collection.

As you step outside the museum, you will see many structures designed to replicate 1800s life, like a dairy, toolshed, and blacksmith shop. You can even enter an early settler’s hut and experience the conditions they used to live in at that time.

Explore Cataract Gorge

Looking for some adventure in the Town, then go on a pretty boat ride or an exciting jet boat adventure through the amazing Cataract Gorge. The Cataract Gorge is a river gorge near the center of Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, about 1.5 km from the city. It’s a super cool place made by the South Esk River, with tall cliffs, waterfalls, and green rainforests.

Indulge Your Artistic Soul

Take a walk through the Deloraine Creative Studios, a cool place where local artists and crafters showcase their work. Here, you can expect to find special things like Tasmanian-made crafts, pretty jewelry, and interesting paintings.

Believe me, it’s a fun spot to explore and see what the local artists are up to. You might even discover a unique piece to bring home as a special keepsake. The Deloraine Creative Studios are a great way to connect with the art in the community and support the talented local artists in the Town.

Get Lost in Lavender Fields

Deloraine is home to a number of Lavender Fields, so take a deep breath and enjoy the wonderful smell of lavender as you walk through fields of these bright purple flowers. I can bet you will be amazed to see such a beautiful view of nature.

Not to mention, it’s also a perfect background to click a bunch of photographs and share it on social media.

Take a Look at Yarning Circle and Fire Pit

Yarning Circle and fire pit is a yarning circle is a special place where everyone in the community, including locals and visitors, can gather and enjoy the beautiful riverbank. It’s a place for people to learn together and build relationships. This is an important place for Deloraine people as tourists from all over the world visit this town.

Aunty Dawn Blazely, a Tasmanian Aboriginal Elder and Artist, designed the cover for the fire pit. She also gave ideas and cultural advice for the mosaic wall called River Walk. Check out the designs of plants and animals on the wall; they all belong to the river and its surroundings. These artworks made by Aunty Dawn make Deloraine’s culture rich, and show how a community works together and thrives.

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