Ultimate Guide to Longford Tasmania: Things To Do, Accommodation & More

Longford is a charming village located in the north of Tasmania. It’s quite popular for its agricultural rich history and Victorian architecture. Located around 14.2 miles south of Launceston, there are many things that you can do in Longford.

The town has a long history back from 1807 when it was established with its name as ‘Latour’. Later in 1833, its name was changed from ‘Latour’ to ‘Langford’. Most of the early settlers in the town were from Norkolfk Island. It’s one of the many towns that were not established by the convicts.

With of population of around 3900 people, the town is a great natural gateway to relax and chill out in Nature. Woolmer & Brickendon Estate, Longford Berries, and the Path of History are the most popular attractions that are worth exploring in Longford Tasmania.

In this article, we have covered everything from famous tourist attractions, weather things to do, where to stay, and a lot more.

Longford Weather

The Weather in Longford Tasmania is unpredicted and changes very quickly. Typically, it remains between 12-26 degrees Celsius during summer and goes below up to 2-10 degrees Celsius in winter time.

SeasonsAverage Temperature
Summer26 degree celsius
Winter 12 degree celsius
Autumn18 degree celsius
Spring17 degree celsius

Longford History

In 1806, Lieutenant Thomas Laycock was the first person to visit and stay in the area during his trek from Launceston to Hobart. A year later farmers began to shift from Norfolk Islands to Van Diemen’s Land.

The early settlers who used to call the area ‘Norfolk Plains’ were rewarded with land rights by Governor Macquarie. Initially, Latour was the name of the Town but later on, it was changed to Langford in 1833.

Although the town was not established by convicts, many settlers used the free prisoners as labor to build their elegant residences and buildings. Archer family was one of the popular families that built several historic monuments and estates in the town.

Things To Do In Langford Tasmania

Explore the Woolmer Estate

Located on the bank of the Macquarie River, Woolmer Estate is a great place to see how rural homes used to be back in the 19th century. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site that has a long history back to 1817. It was built by the famous Archer family back in 1817 and now their sixth generation is living in the elegant architecture.

Visitors can go with the guided tours where they can explore the stables, worker’s cottage, chapel, blacksmith shop, and a lot more at the Woolmer estate. The tour lasts approx. 50 minutes which is enough time to get a glimpse into the daily life of the people back in the 19th century.

The place also has six cottages for the visitors where they can stay while exploring the Langford.

Longford Church

Built back in the 19th Century, the Anglican church is a stunning example of Georgian-style architecture in the town. It took more than 5 years to complete the construction of the Anglican church which began in 1839 and ended up in 1844.

Along the church, there is a cemetery that’s the resting place of many early settlers in the Town like the Brumbys, Archers, and Reibiey. The lady on the $20 bill, Mary Reibey, is the mother of Thomas Haydock Reibey II, known for building the Entally estate in Launceston. Mary was one of the most successful successful businesswomen in Australia. Although she was convicted of stealing(a horse), she remained known for her philanthropy work.

The Church is not only a place of worship but also a historic landmark in the Town that offers a glimpse into Tasmania’s colonial past.

Brickendon Estate Longford

Brickendon Estate is a colonial farm village similar to the Woolmer estate. During 1824, the place had the highest number of working convicts in Australia. It still holds the title of the “oldest farming estate” run by the original family. The place was named after William Archer, born in 1820 in Hertfordshire, England.

Currently, the 7th generation of the Archer Family owns and manages the property. Visitors can explore the various heritage buildings that have not been touched since the 1930s. Strolling around the farm village feels like you are heading back in time where old things are decaying and nature is taking over them.

The most fascinating place to explore in Longford is the Convict Interpretation Centre, where visitors can learn a lot about the how convict system used to work. It also provides guided tours and accommodation making it worth adding to your itinerary.

JJs Bakery and Old Mill Café

JJs Bakery and Old Mill Café used to be a much larger mill complex that was built back in the 1830s. Today, Old Emerald Flour Mill is what has remained of that larger mill complex. Back in 1800, the town was a major wheat-growing area and used to export flour to mainland Australia.

At the cafe, visitors can enjoy freshly baked pastries, pies, and cakes, all made with authentic locally sourced ingredients.

Explore Langford Shops

Marlborough and William Street are two of the best places to shop in the entire town. For history buffs, Longford Antiques is a perfect place to explore as the stores have rare collections of old artifacts.

You can expect to find freshly produced fruits & vegetables, gifts, and handmade artifacts at the Longford RSL Market.

Pick Up Berries

Located in the middle of town, Langford Berry Farm is another great destination to explore with your family. The farm allows the visitors to pick up their own berries that have no pesticides or harmful chemicals.

What you will be picking depends upon the season you are visiting the Longford berries. Here’s a brief overview:

StrawberriesNovember to April
Silver BeriesDecember to January

Besides that, you can also expect to find gooseberries in early January and they taste fantastic. Visitors can have the pre-picked berries and other berry products like berry jams, preserves, and sauces for their everyday needs.

The place remains open on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, making it a must-visit place if you are traveling with your kids.

Tour Junker Jane

Junker Janes is a Collectibles store that has tons of rare artifacts and antique collections from all over Australia. The place was built back in 1877 and it’s truly a trove of wares.

It was originally meant to have a shop on the bottom floor and a home on the top floor. Now it’s an antique store filled with treasures of antique things and collectibles. It’s a great store in Langford to discover fascinating objects from the past.

Stroll Around the Macquarie River

Head to the Macquarie River to try some water recreational activities. You can try your hand at fishing, or sailing your kayak along the mesmerizing view of nature. Plus scenic surroundings along the river are perfect spots to have some Insta-worthy pictures.

Tour the Longford Municipal Hall

Longford Municipal Hall is a beautiful two-story building that’s right beside the Junker Jane. It’s a Victorian-styled building that was constructed back in the 1800s when its owners wanted to showcase their wealth to the people of the town.

Upon arriving at the location, you will be amazed by the beautifully preserved interiors and decorative details of the place. Visitors can also choose the guided tour to learn more about the place and have a closer look at the town hall, courthouse, and public meeting places.

Grand Prix Route Rewind

During the 1950s, the town used to be the fastest motor racing circuit in the entire Southern Hemisphere. The town has also hosted the ‘2 Australian Grand Prix’ and used to gather massive crowds for more than 15 years.

“The Flying Mile” used to be the most popular stretch of the track where competitors used to reach unbelievable speeds of up to 288km/h. Still, after decades, the place holds the title of ‘oldest operational motor race track’ in Tasmania.

Longford Tasmania Accommodation

Racecourse Inn Longford

The Racecourse Inn is really a nice old coaching inn to stay in Langford. It’s a Georgian-style coaching inn that has a long history back to the 1860s. During my trip to the town, I stayed there for a few days and loved the cozy atmosphere of the place.

The inn also serves a homemade breakfast with local foods to the staying guests. In the evenings, you can relax by the fireplace in the lounge area while enjoying some delicious Tasmanian wine. The Inn’s location makes it a perfect spot to explore Longford’s historic district and have a glimpse of the town’s historic park.

Longford Riverside Caravan Park

If you want to stay in one of the best accommodations that Langford Tasmania has to offer, then you need to check out the Longford Riverside Caravan Park. It’s a perfect relaxing spot along the Macquarie River that’s worth staying.

You can also go with the caravans as it’s available in a bunch of different categories allowing you to choose one that matches your needs.

All the modern caravans have facilities like fridges, stoves, grills, microwaves, and kitchenettes. The best part is they also provide Heating and air-conditioning and also a bathroom that comes with a shower. If you have your own caravan, then you can either park it along the powered and unpowered site location right on the Macquarie riverbank.

The caravans are quite spacious and great to stay if you’re traveling with your family or friends.

Woolmer Estate Accommodation

Woolmer Estate Accommodation is an ideal choice for people who want to experience how staying in a rural home used to be back in the 19th century. Being a UNESCO World Heritage site that place attracts thousands of tourists and a lot of tourists like to stay in its accommodation.

It offers a total of 6 cottages where visitors can stay overnight and enjoy the scenic experience as cottages provide a great view of the Macquarie River. Each cottage has all the modern amenities like a fridge, oven, coffee machine, shower, free toiletries, and also a desk.

Guests can also enjoy water recreational activities like fishing, canoeing, and cycling around the river.


Brickendon is another historic site that provides accommodation to visitors who want to explore Langford. It’s quite a popular place to stay especially for solo travellers.

It offers more of an apartment that has everything from spacious bedrooms to private washrooms. Plus, morning breakfast is also included in the rental.

Being a popular area for cycling, guests here can also rent a bike (from a 3-star country house) and explore the town on their own.

Best Restaurant to Eat in Langford Tasmania

The town has a lot of restaurants and cafes where visitors can enjoy a delicious meal while exploring the tourist attractions of the Town. Whether you are looking for a romantic outing or a casual family dinner, Langford won’t disappoint you at all.

Here’s our Best Recommendation for the best places to eat in Langford Tasmania:

  • Choi’s Kitchen –  Best Chinese restaurant, Delicious cuisine, and super service.
  • Sticky Beaks Pizza – Another cafe – Popular for its tasty pizza – Friendly staff.
  • JJ’s Bakery & Old Mill Cafe – Best Lunch Cafe, Baked pastries, pies, and cakes, Both Indoor & Outdoor seating Areas.
  • Blenheim Inn Hotel – Best Pub-Styled Food, Need to Reserve spots, Must try Fisherman’s Basket.

What is Longford Tasmania known for?

Longford Tasmania is a charming village that is known for its historic monuments and UNESCO World Heritage sites. The town has a long history back from 1807 when it was established with its name as ‘Latour’ but later on in 1833, its name was changed to Langford.

Exploring Woolmer Estate and Brickendon is like heading back in time and getting a glimpse into the life of early 19th-century people. Besides that Langford Municipal Hall, Church, and Grand Prix Route are the places that are worth adding to your itinerary.

How to Get to Langford from Launceston?

If you want to explore Langford for a day while staying at Launceston, then the bus will be the easiest and cheapest means of transportation. The bus takes around 40 minutes to complete the whole journey of around 20 km.

If you want you can also go with the Car rental options and my best recommendation is Bargain Car Rental. It’s the best car rental company service in Tasmania and also provides great deals to the people.

They also operate between Launceston to Hobart.

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