12 Best Things to Do in Kingaroy, Queensland

Are you planning to visit Kingaroy, Queensland and want to know about the best things to do there? If so then here we have shared more than 12 Best Things to Do in Kingaroy, Queensland.

Kingaroy is a rural town in the South Burnett Region, Queensland, Australia. It’s located at the junction of the D’Aguilar and Bunya Highways which is approximately 218 kilometers (135 miles) northwest of Brisbane, the state capital, and 141 kilometers (88 miles) southwest of Gympie.

Kingaroy is a bit high in altitude and the nights are cooler and less humid which is great weather for growing grapes (especially used for making wines). Kingaroy is also known as the “Peanut Capital of Australia,” as peanuts are the main crop of the region.

Things To Do in Kingaroy, Queensland

Stroll in Apex Park and Lookout

In the northwest part of town, there’s a beautiful park named Apex Park. It’s the same place where Kingaroy’s first public hospital used to be. In the 1960s, authorities changed the hospital into a park, and they didn’t move the big trees it has been there since the hospital days.

If you walk just off Coral Street, you can see a magnificent view of Kingaroy and its silos, with the Bunya Mountains in the background. You can also watch Coolabunia Hill, where the late John and Florence Bjelke-Petersen, Queensland’s former premier and first lady, used to live.

Apex Park also has a playground for little kids, where they can play and enjoy without any worry.

Tour the Kingaroy Regional Art Gallery

Kingaroy Regional Art Gallery is a perfect place if you want to see some amazing artwork by local as well as popular artists of the Town. The Gallery also has a lot of exhibitions, events, and activities all year round. The place was built in 1938 and is located in the Art Deco Shire Council Chambers.

Not to mention, they also have 3 gallery spaces where hundreds of arts have been put on display for the public. Lastly, don’t forget to check out Shop 38, where over 40 talented artists and crafters from the Town sell their creations(Artifacts).

Visit the Kingaroy Visitor Information Centre

One best advantage of the city’s visitor information center is its location – right across from the silos and between the regional art gallery and heritage museum. All that makes it a perfect location to begin your journey of exploring Kingaroy, Queensland.

The center offers lots of free services, from one-on-one advice to help you book accommodation and tours. They can also give you brochures about upcoming events, attractions, and suggested plans.

The people who work there are volunteers they really love their hometown and know a lot about it.

Check Out Nanango Country Market

On the first Saturday of every month, Nanango hosts a huge market and is considered to be the biggest in South East Queensland.

The Nanango Country Market brings together more than 320 stallholders, where they sell their locally grown products. Here, you can explore and buy fresh seasonal produce like honey, seafood, cheese, plants, furniture, toys, arts and crafts, and a lot more.

And if you get hungry while exploring the market then there are plenty of tempting food and coffee options to satisfy your cravings.

Explore Bunya Mountains National Park

The Bunya Mountains National Park is another great place to explore in Kingaroy if you love spending time in Nature. The park has so many different animals and special bunya pine trees.

If you want you can also take a walk, especially on the Scenic Circuit Trail which has tons of mesmerizing views. You can also enjoy driving through the park, camping in the woods, and spending some time alone.

Check Out Ringsfield House Museum

Ringsfield House is a nice place to visit and explore if you are near Nanango. It’s an old house which was built in 1908 by a famous architect, Robin Dods. The house has been many things over the years, like a fancy home, a maternity hospital (a place where lots of babies were born), and even a refuge for people in need.

Now, it’s a museum with old furniture and a collection of things from the past. You can also have a light meal or a hot drink at the cafe inside the museum.

Grab Some Peanuts from The Peanut Van

Right in front of a Holden dealership in Kingaroy, you’ll find The Peanut Van. It’s a big profit business selling about 300 tonnes of peanuts every year. The van has been here since 1969 and has attracted a lot of people to visit South Burnett.

If you want to taste the main thing that keeps the local economy going, this is the place to do it. They have more than 20 types of sweet and savory peanuts, like Tangy Lime, Hickory Smoked, and Kingaroy Kurry.

You can also buy other peanut products here, like peanut paste, peanut oil, or peanuts that still have their shells.

Take a Tour of Kingaroy Heritage Museum

Kingaroy Heritage Museum is a perfect place to learn about the heritage, arts, and culture of the Town. Before being a museum, the building used to be the Power House for Kingaroy, which was built back in 1925.

Here, you’ll discover how local farmers got clever, making their own machines for farming peanuts when there weren’t any dedicated ones available.

You can also check out these unique machines, tools, household stuff, shop signs, and appliances. The place offers a glimpse of Kingaroy’s past and tells you a lot about the Town’s rich history.

Gaze Star From Kingaroy Observatory

In the South Burnett region, there’s very little light pollution, and the nights are much darker than they are about 150 kilometers away on the coast of Queensland.

Because of this, it’s a great place for an observatory, where you can come at night to look through three big telescopes.

They organize viewing sessions in two groups: one for Stars and Planets, where you can see star clusters, nebulas, the Milky Way, and other galaxies, and another for Moon and Planet nights to get a detailed look at the Moon and the planets in our Solar System.

If you visit during the day, there’s an air-conditioned Star Theatre with 70 seats that can show you the surface of the Sun in a way you’ve probably never seen before. The best time to be at the observatory is from autumn to spring when there’s less cloud cover.

Have a Look at Kingsley Grove Estate

Kingsley Grove Estate, near Kingaroy, is a special winery that makes the best quality wines in the Town. They grow all their grapes on-site, starting with the first plantings in 1998. By 2002, they were ready for their first commercial vintage.

Using modern equipment, the winemaker creates traditional and new wines that suit Kingaroy’s humid climate. You can taste their wines at the cellar door, which remains open every day. They have red wines like Merlot and Shiraz, white wines like Verdelho and Semillon, and even rich fortified wines.

It’s a place where they do everything themselves, making it unique and worth a visit.

Tour the Pottique Lavender Farm

The fertile soil of Kingaroy is perfect for the lavender plantation, and there’s a lavender farm located just outside the town. At Pottique Lavender Farm, you can find a variety of lavender products like oil, soap, jams, chutney, and dried lavender in their shop.

The farm also has an antique warehouse and a cafe serving delicious Devonshire tea with lavender scones. The best time to visit is from May to July when the lavender fields are in full bloom, and you can even pick your own bunch of lavender stems.

It’s a lovely place to enjoy the calming fragrance of lavender and explore its unique offerings.

Check Out Yarraman Heritage Centre 

The Yarraman Heritage Centre is a museum that shows the history and culture of the Town. It has many exhibitions that showcase old farming tools, vintage cars, and other interesting items. You can take a tour by yourself and learn about the history of the area. It’s a good place to visit in the morning or afternoon.

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