Ultimate Guide to Bruny Island Camping [Updated 2024]

Bruny Island is a beautiful 362-square-kilometer island off the southeast coast of Tasmania. It’s so special that it’s now a UNESCO World Heritage Wilderness area. Bruny Island has amazing flora and fauna that go all the way to the Great Southern Ocean. You’ll find lots of special Australian animals there, making it a must-visit on your Australian trip.

If you’re thinking about camping on Bruny Island, you’ve made a pretty good choice! Bruny Island is a beautiful scenic wonder perfect for camping adventures.

There are a lot of commercial camping options available on Bruny Island, Tasmania. Despite having only 600 residents, you get a really good variety of choices for your camping experience in this secluded and untouched part of the world.

Things to Know Before Camping On Bruny Island

If you’re planning to camp in the designated camping areas in the national park or The Neck Reserve, then you need to bring your own water, a fuel stove, a contained fire pit, and also the camping gear.

Don’t forget to bring your own firewood too, as collecting it within the reserves is not allowed. Lastly, take out all your rubbish with you as you leave the campground for other campers.

All these camping options provide pit toilets.

Bruny Island Camping Fees

The Bruny Island Camping Prices begin from $10 per night for 1 person, and you need to pay an additional $5 for each adult, while it is $2.50 in case of a child aged 5 and over. Families of five can pay $15. Captain Cook Caravan Park is an exception as it has its own pricing.

Reservations are not accepted; it’s first-come-first-served. While there are technically no free camping options on Bruny Island, the fees in the national parks are minimal.

Keep in mind that the prices mentioned are subject to change, and if you’re camping in a national park, you’ll also need to have a valid national park pass (excluding The Neck Reserve, which is not in the national park).

Bruny Island Camping Locations

Free Campgrounds On Bruny Island

You are allowed to Camp anywhere on Bruny Island only if you have a valid National Parks Pass. Using that you will be able to camp in park-owned areas like The Neck Reserve, Jetty Beach, and Cloudy Corner. However, you still have to pay the camping fee of Bruny Island which begins from $10 AUD per night for 2 adults. If you are going camping with your family then you can get as low as $15 per night (up to 5 persons only).

The Neck Reserve Camping Area

The Neck Reserve on Bruny Island is a perfect spot for camping. It is located so close to the main road and just next to it is the beautiful Neck lookout. The road to the campground is short, but it’s not paved so be ready for a bumpy ride.

The camping spots are right by the lovely Neck beach, and if you need supplies, Adventure Bay or Alonnah are located just a short drive away.

Amenities like a pit toilet and non-treated tank water. The best advantage of this camping area is that it falls outside South Bruny National Park, so you won’t incur national park fees (although you still have to pay the camping fees).

The Pines Campsite Bruny Island

The Pines Campsite on Bruny Island is truly a budget-friendly camping option near Cloudy Bay, and it is located within South Bruny National Park.

Despite being a small place, it’s a great spot for surfers who want to surf on the nearby beaches. Besides that, it’s also a good place for hikers who want to explore and have some fun in the wild.

To reach Cloudy Bay camping ground you have to drive on unpaved roads of Bruny Island.

Jetty Beach Camp Ground Bruny Island

If you are looking for a calm, peaceful, and secluded place for camping then Jetty Beach Camping Ground is a perfect location for you. It is located just a ten-minute drive from the picturesque Cape Bruny Lighthouse, and to reach here you have to drive your vehicle on unpaved road.

It’s a charming spot by a small beach, which has ample opportunities for sheltered swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and fishing. Close to the Labillardiere Peninsula, you can choose between a 5-hour circuit or a shorter 1.5-hour walk called the Luggaboine Circuit.

This Bruny Island camping option is particularly suitable for families and campers who want to spend some time in nature alone. The place has a well-maintained pit toilet and a couple of picnic tables and by camping there you can easily access the beach area.

Paid Camping Grounds at Bruny Island

Captain Cook Caravan Park Bruny Island

If you want to have a convenient and hassle-free camping experience on Bruny Island then Captain Crook Caravan Park is an ideal location for you. The place is located right opposite a standing beach where you can easily spot a lot of wild creatures like migrated dolphins, whales, wallabies, and birds.

This location is particularly advantageous for those who are exploring the place without a car as it provides easy access to the island shops, attractions, and dining options (considering the island’s low population density).

The caravan park is a bit more expensive, but it has extra amenities like a playground, BBQ area, a shared kitchen, and also a lounge.

The park offers both powered and unpowered grassy sites with views of the bay or river. Accommodation prices start at $25 per night for the unpowered site while for the powered one you need to pay $35 AUD per night.

Camping at Bruny Island

Located right next to the cloudy bay. The place has everything that you would need. Or if you’re just starting out in the camping world.

It’s more of a private beach and has everything that you can imagine camper trailers, flushing toilets, showers, and also a dedicated barbeque place. You just need to bring your clothes and food and you are all good to go.

There are also many popular tourist attractions near the campsite that you can visit, like the Bruni Lighthouse. Book this camping location on Broly Island in advance. The price for camping at Bruni Island begins from $65 per night and goes up to $345 for a span of 6 nights.

Rules & Regulations for Camping on Bruny Island

  • You can only campfire in a designated area/ Campsite. Don’t forget to bring your own firewood, as you are not allowed to collect wood in the reserve area and put out the fire after use. Make sure you have your own contained fire pit as most of the campsites only allow these.
  • Take out all your trash with yourself Whenever you leave your camping spot.
  • Make sure all your Camping gear is dry and clean as you arrive at the campsite.
  • Whenever you are tracking or walking in the reserve or National Park, make sure you follow the designated tracks, as they are there for the protection of the wildlife and yourself.
  • As there are very few shops on the island So you have to bring your own food.
  • If you’re taking a drone video subs to have some cool shots of this scenic natural beauty, then make sure you follow all the rules of the National Park area.
  • Make sure the whole is at least 20 cm deep wherever you are burying your toilet waste.
  • As you are out in the woods, so don’t try to feed any wildlife and always try to stay a good distance away from them.
  • Before you camp out in the wild, make sure you log your trip in the logbook In case anything goes wrong, you can be tracked and return to safety

Fishing On Bruny Island

There are many locations on Bruny Island that are absolutely perfect for fishing. Australian salmon, school shark, gummy shark, and flathead are some common fishes that you can expect to catch while fishing on Bruny Island.

However, there are certain rules and regulations that you need to follow while fishing on Bruny Island. There are specific rules on the size of fish that you can catch and the methods can use for catching.

The best locations to catch fish on Bruny Island are Dennes Point, Adventure Bay, and Alonnah. If you are lucky then you can catch 2 fishes with a single bait. For detailed information consider visiting the official web portal at here.

Do I need to have a permit to fish on Bruny Island?

Yes, you need to have a Recreational Fishing Licence to fish in any Tasmanian waters, including Bruny Island. The good news is that these licenses are super easy to get and they are quite affordable to have one.

These are the Types of Licences that you get:

  • Adult Recreational Fishing Licence: This license remains valid for 12 months and costs around $37.50. This is the most common license for casual anglers.
  • Concession Recreational Fishing Licence: This license remains valid for 12 months and costs around $18.75. Pensioners, full-time students, and disability support pensioners can easily avail of this license.
  • 3-Day Recreational Fishing Licence: This is a kind of exception that remains valid for 3 consecutive days and will cost you around $12.50. If you are a traveler then this one is Perfect for you, as you gonna stays there for a short duration then having a license for a whole year doesn’t make any sense.

Things To Do While Camping On Bruny Island

Hike Scenic Trail

Bruny Island has some of the best scenic hiking trails in Tasmania. Before you head out to the hike make sure you register your walk with the authorities so that If something goes wrong they can easily track you down and pull back to safety.

If you are an experienced hiker then you can hike the Eastern Arthur Range Traverse which takes around 9 days to complete. Want to have some more challenges then go with the “Western Arthur Range Traverse” which will take around 12-13 days to finish.

Those who are just beginners in hiking can try out Mavista Nature Walk which is a beautiful scenic trail that takes a couple of hours to hike.

Tour the History Room

History Rooms at Bruny Island is the perfect place if you want to know the history of the Island. The place has many artifacts and stories that tell you a lot about the history and how things used to be in that era.

The place remains open from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm so make your plan accordingly.

Explore the Inala Jurassic Garden

Inala Jurassic Garden is basically a botanic garden and nature museum that has more than 750 species of plants and flowers making it a heaven for nature enthusiasts.

The place also has a fascinating collection of well-preserved fossils (thousands of years old) that are on display for the public. Not to mention there is also a small gift shop where you can purchase some plants and souvenirs.

Just like any other place, Inala Jurassic Garden also has an entry fee of $10 for Adults and $5 for children.

Have a Look at Bruny Lighthouse

Cape Bruny Lighthouse is a historic monument that still stands as a landmark of the island’s rich history. In fact, it is the 2nd oldest lighthouse Lighthouse Tower in Australia. The Lighthouse was built by the convicts in 1838 and it remained operational until 1996 when it was decommissioned.

You can book a tour to visit this amazing historical monument via a boat. For more updated information consider visiting here.

Tour the Adventure Bay

Adventure Bay is one of the best places to explore on Bruny Island. You can go hiking, take boat trips, and also can camp there too. It’s a calm and peaceful spot on the island where you can relax and have some quality time with your loved ones.

The beach has calm and clean water, and white sand, making it a great choice if you want a relaxed time on Bruny Island.

Try Local Produce of Bruny Island

If you ask someone from Tasmania what’s great on Bruny Island, they’ll probably say to try the local food. Bruny is famous for its yummy, delicious, locally-made treats.

A few popular food places where you can try these delicious treats are Bruny Island Cheese Co, Get Shucked for Oysters, The Bruny Island Chocolate Factory, and Bruny Island Premium Wines.

Scout the South Bruny National Park

If you’re seeking unique and lesser-known attractions on Bruny Island, then visit the south coast and explore the South Bruny National Park.

The national park is basically the wilder side of the Bruny where you can find unexplored places and scenic natural landscapes. Forget about the fancy food and stuff for a bit and enjoy the wild landscape with beautiful beaches, lush forests, and tall cliffs.

How much does it cost to camp at Bruny Island?

Camping on Bruny Island is such an amazing experience as it allows you to connect with nature and spend some time alone (if you are going solo) in nature. However, the cost to camp on Bruny Island depends on the location and amenities that are there:

National Park Campsites: These are perfect campsites if you are a solo traveler(Budget-friendly) and want to camp on Bruny Island. Even if you are with the family the place has everything that you need on a campsite.

The fees to camp on Bruny Island begin from $10 a night for 1-2 people. If you bring more adults, it’s $5 extra per night, and kids (5-17 years old) are $2.50 each per night (under 5s stay free). Families with 2 adults and 3 kids can stay for just $15 a night.

Keep in mind, that the amenities will be basic with pit toilets, and you have to pick up your own trash. So, enjoy a simple and budget-friendly stay while being surrounded by nature.

Private Campgrounds: These are the private campgrounds where you get a lot of amenities like a shower, camp kitchen, and even laundry facility. But keep in mind that these campsites are comparatively more costly than the national Park campsites. The fee of Camping on a private campground at Bruny Island begins from $70/night per site.

Camping at Bruny Island, and Captain Cook Holiday Park are some examples of where you can enjoy these private camping on Bruny Island.

Remember: There are no bookings for national park campsites, first come, first served. Make sure you always have cash as some sites accept only cash for payment.

For specific prices and details, check individual campground websites or the Parks & Wildlife Service Tasmania website.

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